Terrorists 'use Google maps to hit UK troops'


Terrorists attacking British bases in Basra are using aerial footage displayed by the Google Earth internet tool to pinpoint their attacks, say Army intelligence sources.

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Founders Note:
This is roughly equal to saying the terrorists went to the grocery store and bought a rand mcnally map to plan their attack. The only reason at all it made headlines is because it's Google, IMHO



The data google maps uses is at least two years old in most cases and in some cases three and four year old data.

>>>"The satellite photographs show in detail the buildings inside the bases and vulnerable areas such as tented accommodation, lavatory blocks and where lightly armoured Land Rovers are parked."

If the satellite pics came from google, this is a lie. The data google displays from Iraq is ALL pre US invasion, so the terrorists guys are looking at Saddam's army not the US or British armies...

I really hate it when journalists outright lie.

Hold it for a minute

From the article;

"It is unclear how old the maps are but it is believed the Basra images were made within the past two years."

That would be consistant with the age of much of Google Earth data. Google should block out any images of any areas in any country where coalition or U.S. forces are deployed. Period.

There's a Point to be Made

I hate censorship... but lives are at risk here. The data *may* be two or more years old but, depending on what type of camp is set up, the data might still have value. If a camp is a training base for troops then it may be stationary for quite some time.

Sure, the vehicles aren't going to be parked in the same place but it will still be enough information to plan an attack.

Again, I hate censorship and fully enjoy the near-100%-freedom of information the web gives to citizens of most countries and it would be a shame to *keep* placing restraints on this information. But lives are at risk - I think it will be an interesting debate.


Maybe some enterprising gun-toting insurgent programmer will making a tracking site so people can post troop movements and they'll show up with those little red balloons on the map.

Hey, I didn't make the API, don't blame the messenger...

>I hate censorship... but

>I hate censorship... but lives are at risk here.

Yeah...it is amazing the bogus war has continued on after so much bloodshed for all parties involved (except the political ones).

It is already censored...

In google Earth go look at Bagdad... If you can find Saddam's palace in Bagdad you can even see Saddam's planes in their bunkers (placed there to protect them from the US bombs)... All pics are Pre-Invasion...

All the info from google earth is censored to protect allied military positions.

If you don't believe me just try to look at any US military base or better yet try to look at the south of ?Israel with Google Earth.... now why would the desert be all blurred out???


>>If you don't believe me just try to look at any US military base or better yet try to look at the south of ?Israel with Google Earth.... now why would the desert be all blurred out???

There is a good argument for the Arabs having their own "google earth"


I have no doubt that there are spy ?satellites for hire... all you have to do is be willing to pay enough money.

However, the discussion was about google earth and google maps, neither of which display pics that would endanger any of our or our allies military.

Did someone say somthing about tracking armies with the (no longer active) google API...
http:// www. googleearthhacks.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-921.html

(the url is seperated... and ya I know its a game...)

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