The Google Switch: An iPhone killer?


From Engadget:

This version of the mythical Googlephone is said to be the result of a collaboration with Samsung

According to our tipster, the device doesn't have any on-board storage. That's right, all your applications are served up over the network with new apps "attached" to your account via a web interface.



>>the device doesn't have any on-board storage.

That can be a problem. Remember when Orkut, Google web hosting, and countless other Google services got completely overwhelmed by demand? Blogger has had and still has outages. People want their phones to just work. They want their contacts to be carried on the phone so they are at least retrivable.

Such a phone might work with consumers but business customers will think again before buying.

hmm is this coming out right

hmm is this coming out right after the google computer and google os? ;)

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