The Department of Justice Subpoenas Banks Regarding Online Gambling Transactions


Saw this over at Casino Affiliate Programs. The source quoted there is the Sunday Times - Times Online. Looks like the US government has directed banks to start handing over all information related to transactions with online gaming companies as early as last October.

THE US Department of Justice has ordered the world’s biggest investment banks, accountants and law firms to hand over all e-mails, telephone records and papers connected with internet gaming firms as part of an investigation into illegal online gambling in America.

HSBC, Dresdner Kleinwort, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank are known to be among the banks that have been issued with subpoenas — official requests for information — as part of a worldwide hunt to build a case against those who benefited from illegal online gambling.

My guess is that they're going to use this information to go after operators rather than individual players. That seems to be the method behind most of this type of "gambling enforcement", but time will tell.



Started the same way.

'Nuff said.

He sees you when you're sleeping

he knows when you're awake.

No wait, that's Santa Claus.

It's a good thing our

It's a good thing our government is putting their resources into such an important issue. God knows we don't need them working on terrorism, child predators, or other issues that don't cause as much problem as my nightly Texas Hold'em.


The US DOJ is wasting time...

The US DOJ should be helping the CIA to set up more secret prisons and ?torture more people (Remember this is the Dept. of JUSTICE)...

The US DOJ should not be wasting their time and my tax money with this petty restriction of freedoms... They should be going for restricting the big freedoms... like freedom of speech, it is getting ?ridiculous that people in the US can just go around and speak their minds... THIS MUST STOP NOW!

All Heil Bush!

Would the citizens of the USA please...

Get control of your government?

Man, this is insane. On the plus side, it's great job security for all the newest peons who have been recently hired by the DoJ - they'll be looking into this for years to come...

...and wasting all kinds of time, resources and money on a bullshit witchhunt.

Had a Senator proposed a bill taxing online gambling by US citizens, it'd have gotten through on it's own, the first time - instead of being shoved through in a back-handed manner via a back-door loophole created by lawmakers and designed to undermine the average citizen's rights - all to support hidden, personal agendas...

Man. that's one heck of a system you've got going down there. ;)

Not that mine is any better, but the Canadian government doesn't really give a crap about this topic - they focus on fish and perfecting their smear campaigns come election time. Heck, locally, they lease VWs for politicos for just over $1,000 a month. There's no way we could have gotten a better lease payment? $1,000 per month on a f*ckign Jetta?

Governments - you either hate them, or want to work for them...

I have a pet hypothesis...

I have a pet hypothesis... An accurate measure of a nations importance in the world is how much citizens of other nations complain about laws of said nation that don't affect them. Using that yardstick and anecdotal evidence the USA, China, Russia, and the UK would rank fairly high.


What about when citizens within a country complain about the unjust laws that effect them, just how important does that make their country?


The guy found with two kidnpaped children in his home has bail set at one million, and faces less prison time than the guy who set up a business so Jane Smith could make a blackjack bet and who has bail set a five million.


Yup the department of INjustice...

Food for thought...

Who owns you?

Damn. That's It?

I was hoping they'd outlaw casino affiliate programs, any product that promises to make yer dick bigger or keep it hard, any product that promises to keep yer ass from getting fatter and any product that promises to keep you from going bald.

While they're at maybe they could ban all feminine hygiene products from television commercials.

It's a vicious cycle. Get people worrying about their dick going limp, their hair falling out, their ass getting wider or their coochie smelling, then sell them anti-depressants...

So eloquently said, DG. :-)

So eloquently said, DG. :-)


Well bad thing for you all about this new enforcement by the DOJ...

It puts me back in the SEO main stream, back to ?competing with you all... ;-)

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