Performancing to Shut Down; Congrats NickW!


Well it looks like all our congrats to Nick W were in order, but only in the sense of "congrats for resigning shortly before the complete collapse"! Performancing has announced a total, immediate shutdown on their blog:

I'm sad to tell you that Partners has to close. While I have every faith it could have worked, it wasn't going to happen fast enough. Without more money invested it wasn't going to happen at all.

Here's to wishing Nick W good luck with his new social media marketing agency--should be a good fit. Meanwhile, going to be some peeved people using Partners and Stats...


Let me be the first to say,

Let me be the first to say, "Sorry" and "How much do you want for the domain?"

Speaking of Guns and Jumping ...

Is it Performancing that is closing, or just Performancing Parters?


Just talked to the head guys over there, you're right Woz the blog MAY live on (or may not), but certainly all of the services---Metrics and Partners---are kaput...

Obviously the title is a bit

Obviously the title is a bit broad, but Partners was the monetization method that was going to pay for everything else (metrics, etc., and the metrics was already closed down as well too).

I guess they just couldn't

I guess they just couldn't make this thing make money?

That's too bad. Thing is,

That's too bad.

Thing is, endeavors like that have to be funded, and when the funding source is rejected by the community, what's supposed to happen exactly?

Bummer for Nick

Well that really sucks for everyone involved, when a cool sounding project flops. Let's just hope that Nick has better luck with his future projects and partners.

Not a Failure

in my mind. They all kicked ass to make it work. Sorry to hear, but kudos for trying to make a go of it. A lot of folks learned from the experience. That has to count for something.

You're right, Kim. I don't

You're right, Kim. I don't think it's a failure; it's just a drag that it went the way it did.

Not much money as once

Not much money as once believed in monetizing blogs.

I still think there is lots

I still think there is lots of money in monetizing blogs. Numerous of my blogs make many thousands per month.

Didn't think you

did Diane :)

Was just sayin'...

Oh, and ...

I didn't think you were aiming that at me, Kim. :)

I just think it's a shame. It was intriguing to watch Performancing take shape; it was clear there was a plan. And I'm not convinced that they couldn't turn it all around even now.

Not a failure?

It shut down, nobody's making money. WTF exactly constitutes a failure then? Did we all have a group hug so it's really a success? Geesh.

I've got plenty of 'successes' like this too. I call them failures. Or sometimes I say 'I'm letting the site age in Google for a little bit'.

(no dis to Nick W, whom I don't know at all).

When you have investors, if

When you have investors, if it ain't a "nice win", it's a failure. It's that simple. There is no gold star for trying.

That said, I'm going to go release a dove now for fear of alienating the kumbayah spirit. I live in Texas, so that dove has a life expectancy of about 30 seconds. At which point its life will also have been scored as a failure. But not because of investors. Where was I going with this?

Wow, a big shock.

Seemed like such a promising concept that should easily pay for itself without too much trouble, assuming it was all self-service, the only real costs would be the servers and bandwidth.

Now of course if they were trying to pay themselves at the same time the service was ramping up to be self-sufficient, I can see how this could happen.

You either need to be well funded starting or financially capable of going a year or more without salary to start these things.

I still think there is lots

I still think there is lots of money in monetizing blogs. Numerous of my blogs make many thousands per month.

You are not an average user Aaron. :)

Looks like he screwed Chris Garrett...

NickW appears to be playing dumb.

"That's a dreadful waste. For want of a few grand..."

Looks like he set Chris Garrett up nicely!

I still think there is lots of money in monetizing blogs. Numerous of my blogs make many thousands per month.

I agree, but your blogs are generally considered well read in the industry... starting something from scratch now is pretty difficult when they have to compete.

Failure is not trying at all

but even at that poetic, wistful thought, it still sucks.
Having worked for a web design/dev/software company that had us all millionaires on paper, and was a stock darling at $300 a share a few years back, and then watching it crumble all around us, and investors freaking out, even at that, few called it a failure. Other choice words, but not that one. Out of it came a bunch of new businesses started by a lot of folks who paid attention and learned enough to pick up and do their own thing, their way.
No failure in that. I woulda loved that million and a half I was a few months away from too.

everyone starts from somewhere

starting something from scratch now is pretty difficult when they have to compete.

There was 0 search volume for SEO Book when I started my blog.

I feel for the Performancing folks.

I know it hurts but I know you all have a bunch going on elsewhere and new ideas down the I know you are not worried.

Good college try, right? :)

On a side note, being a bit on the dark humor side much of the time, I find humor in a lot of things...even my own failures (which there are many :) ). However, after reading the last month or so posts on the Performancing blog, it kind of reads like that old Billy Crystal skit about "Don't you hate it when..." or something thereabouts. Or actually, it sounds like my luck as of late...bad, badder, baddest/worst.

Good fortune on your current endeavors and good luck in 2007 (to all!!!).



If a site is a success, it would make money so people don't have to move on to start other successful ventures. What you've described is called 'finding another job after your company went bust'. Even if everyone has a group hug as they clean out their desk.

Nevertheless, a site or business failure generally doesn't mean anything when it comes to the career of an entrepreneur. All entrepreneurs have numerous failures sprinkled amongst their successes. I was a bit surprised to read that little tidbit recently as I consider myself an entrepreneur and I don't recall any failures. My wife however was happy to chime in with an ever expanding list of my failures before I could cut her off with 'I'm just letting those sites age'. I guess that would make me also an optimist (at which point my wife chimes in with 'no, you're what we like to call a slow-learner).

We opened some blogs and

We opened some blogs and after 6 or so weeks I was thinking this is bollocks and really could not see how to monetize it. I got rid of the bloggers, thank god it was only a few grand lost. I want to concentrate on e-commerce. Blogs are for people who have lots of free time on their hands or a communication vehicle for your company to ply other wares. IMO Performancing should have gone for the jugular from the word go with the ad system instead of hiding behind the fluff of community building. If you want to sell the domain so I can 301 the links to a poker site let me know :P


It seems the focus of discussion is on Performancing closing and failure. But the question still remains, is it Performancing that is closing, or just Performancing Parters? As yet the announcement only mentions Performancing Parters.

With no money from partners,

With no money from partners, what is the point continuing? So they can let you use the FF add on for free? Free business models suck unless you have something really worth paying for.

Hope to see performancing

Hope to see performancing still going - wouldn't put it down as a failure at all - just a faltered first charge on monetization.

Surprised no investment forthcoming if required, though - didn't seem to run for long. Just how bad were the costs?

Nick's comment on this:

Nick's commented on this over at

I don't know what the communication problem between Performancing management is, but there appears to have been some decision making without the benefit of having all the facts.

And here's a response for you Mr Roboto (8hrs 21mins):

I've the greatest of respect for my Partners in, and Im certain that runs both ways.

He's right about that shareholder meeting though. A lot seems to have happened in a very short time.

Catching up

I have some calls to make today with our Partners in the US, hopefully there should be a clearer picture of what's going on a little later.

For now, without some reasonably sized outside investment Partners will close, despite talks with, performics and others to help monetize and backfill unsold inventory (something Chris and I had been working on for some time).

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