RSS Info Remix - Beyond Rip/Mix/Burn

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RSS Info Remix - Beyond Rip/Mix/Burn
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When your forte, albeity self-proclaimed, is Information Remixing you tend to be in a position to make predictions about the future. Richard MacManus of Read/Write Web is an Info Remixer and does make such predictions on the future of RSS,

In the not too distant future, more people will subscribe to topic/tag/remix feeds than feeds of actual people.

This piece of RSS future-speak is in relation to Richard's coverage of a Rael Dornfest speech at the currently ongoing Amazon DevCon (get updated at Amazon's Web Services Blog). Richard pulls out the information remixing bits of Rael's speech for further analysis.

Of particular note is how Richard uses the following Rael statement to define the impact of blogging on journalism, "blogging is re-mixing journalism" says Richard, now from Rael,

RSS reinvented syndication, [it's] not a remix. RSS is still an approximation of something, not sure where it will go. Tiny compared to where it will be. Everyone monetizes RSS. Perhaps a bubble already.

I started using this same info search-technique (topic/tag/remix feeds) recently by searching keywords at Feedster and subscribing to that search with BlogLines. I find it useful to re-mix keywords and save them as RSS feeds. The best analogy I could draw to this technique is its like using Legos(tm) to build an airplane and then re-using those same blocks later to build a castle, where Feedster and BlogLines are like the building blocks this time around.

To take a chew from an early music re-mix master, Kool DJ Red Alert, "Its time to put on those golden RSS re-mixing gloves!"