Google Lose France Trademark Case

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Google loses trademark dispute in France
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Cnet news reports..

A French court has ruled that Google must refrain from using the trademarks of European resort chain Le Meridian Hotels and Resorts to trigger keyword ads.

On Dec. 16, a Nanterre court in France ruled that Google infringed on the trademarks of Le Meridien by allowing the hotel chain's rivals to bid on keywords of its name and appear prominently in related search results. Le Meridien had sued Google's French subsidiary on Oct. 25 after failing to reach an amicable agreement, according to court documents.

In a blow to Google's keyword-bidding engine, the French court ordered the company to stop linking ads to Le Meridien-trademarked terms by Monday or face a daily fine of $194 (150 euros). The company must also cease linking ads related to Le Meridien brands within 72 hours of whenever Le Meridien notifies it of listings in violation, or face a daily fine of 150 euros. Finally, Google must pay all court fees and a fine of $2,592 (2,000 euros).

I think this ongoing struggle between Google/SE's and trademark owners is huge.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I dont think any search engine should be allowed to generate revenues off the use of a brand name or trademark.

The bottom line is Google is using the Parker Meridien name without their consent to generate revenues. Just because Google is not directly selling hotel rooms, doesnt give them the right to use the Parker name.

This all boils down to search versus navigation theme. A search would be for books, navigation would be for Amazon.

There is a platform coming that will allow TM and brand owners to take back control. So when I type Parker Meridien I go right to their site or wherever they think I will want to go to get the approp info.

The new platform ill involve companies BUYING keywords, not bidding on them.

This IMO will revolutionze the whole pay-per-click business.

There is a way that the Google's and other SE's can participate in this platform and generate enormous amounts of personalized advertising. There's plenty of revenues to go around if they do it right.

the top 10 corporate brand search terms last year were brand names. It's obvious know what they want, just not how to get there.


Great find

great find Chris..
I think this has enormous implications.

keyword suggesters

keyword suggesters use registered TM all the time.
It seems like G will not be pleased from EU vertics as it did in the US.
As a citizen of the non-formal US state of Israel, I'll delay my worries...

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