Theatrics surround Windows Vista debut


Acrobatics, blaring music and plenty of hype accompanied Microsoft Corp.'s long-delayed debut of its new Windows Vista operating system. CEO Steve Ballmer told one audience that, as in the past, most consumers will switch to Vista only when they buy new computers. (perhaps because it takes 1300% more system resources to run than XP)

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Here's your sign; ACROBATS

You know, when you have to bring in the clowns when you roll out software it pretty much screams the wrong message to me. And that's bad because, if I recall their marketing parlance correctly, I'm a Recommender.

> because it takes 1300% more system resources to run than XP

Looks like they've reversed the marketing plan this time. Install Vista, watch your desktop go to its knees, go buy a new machine.


I smell large profits for PC companies like Dell in the very near future. I wonder if I'll start getting stock spams for Dell now.

Just because I use a computer

I'm sick of hearing about it already.

To me a computer is a tool, if it works then what's the problem. Why the bloody hell do I need a new operating system.

Please don't answer that, I've already ran into too many "Why Vista is this and not that" posts.

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