Bill Gates: Vista is so secure it could run life support systems.


Bill Gates on running life support systems using Vista : Vista is the most secure operating system we’ve ever done, and if it’s administred properly, absolutely, it can be used to run a hospital or any kind of mission

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Master of redirection

The crown of master of redirection gets handed to Bill for that little tidbit. Notice how the question being asked is about running life support - and the answer to that should be about reliability and stability. But Bill answers a totally different question - and talks about security and keeping patient records safe. He doesn't discuss reliability.

Bill used to come across as an ordinary guy. Now he's the king of marketing and beauracracy.

adds a new dimension to the

adds a new dimension to the "Blue Screen Of Death," doesn't it?

He answered the question and more

OS reliablity is two things, up time and the ability to bad people to break. bad people being hackers or bad programmers with their applications. MS has gone a long way to making sure the OS is very secure this time and made it so third party applications and DRIVERS can not bring down the Vista. Showing a screen shot of a video driver exception will no longer be possible. MS took a lot of trouble to insulate the OS from crashing because of poorly written drivers. BTW, 90%+ of all crashes were due to poorly written video drivers, not that writing drivers is easy by any means. Vista has a whole new driver model.

"Delete life support

the BBC, no less

Maybe Bill G should hire ReputationDefenders for Vista.

Everyone should switch to a

Everyone should switch to a Mac :-)

Sorry, Bill US DOT says it

Sorry, Bill

US DOT says it will not run 'any kind of mission.'


i have a trojan on a vista machine, the machine is so secure, Bullguard, Norton or Mcafee have rights to remove it!!


FAA thinking of switching to linux / google

FAA May Ditch Microsoft's Windows Vista And Office For Google And Linux Combo

Days after InformationWeek reported that the Department of Transportation has placed a moratorium on upgrades to Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Internet Explorer 7, the top technology official at the Federal Aviation Administration revealed that he is considering a permanent ban on the Microsoft software in favor of a combination of Google's new online business applications running on Linux-based hardware.

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