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Well, I could have left the body of the post blank, and the title still would've been +1 for accurate, right?

Jeff has a much funnier write-up though:

2. Masturbating. You’re not a good SEO unless you’re a good master baiter. A master baiter is not to be confused with a wanker.

3. Hand Jobs. Sometimes masturbating just isn’t fulfilling. After all, why do it yourself when you can have someone do it for you. Although they deny it, Google is thought to give hand jobs from time to time.

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You are surely the king of

You are surely the king of wacking off my friend.

What about....

  • trusted feeds
  • pay per aquisition
  • 3 way exchange
  • positioning on top
  • penetrating the bottom of the longtail
  • Great wanker link :-)

    Great wanker link :-)

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