Guardian quotes Danny Sullivan as authority source


Danny Sullivan, the editor in chief of, said that though the judgment was a minor blow for the search engine, it was only a partial success for litigious European media owners.

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Founders Note:
I am sure this is not the first time Danny has been quoted on the Mainstream press, however I found it noteworthy.


Nah, not the 1st

Danny's been quoted by national media before - check out this article that USAToday came out with last year, just prior to SES San Jose:


Danny's quoted pretty much every day in the mainstream press. But is The Guardian really mainstream? ;)

Danny Sullivan

If there is one person who can be considered the SEO authoritative source, pretty much unbaised.. Danny would be the one.. He's be around since day one.. if there is a "man" in SEO, Danny is "the man", period.

much respect.

Rude not to link

They didn't link to his site. That's pretty rude, take time out of someone's day, mention their website and not link to it.

'Guardian Unlimited' is supposed to be more advanced in terms of it's online 'conversation' with readers. Not in this case.

As a rule of thumb they should link to a comentator's website.

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