Google hands over personal user info


Google complies with a subpeona to hand over personally identifiable information on some users who uploaded videos of TV programs.
Full story here:

Maybe that'll take some of the glam off of being 'mr. first to upload new (C) videos'.


I wonder what will happen to those that...

I wonder what will happen to those that created mix videos, parodies, etc. that re-use properties owned by Viacom, Fox, etc. What about 'mash ups'? I've seriously considered doing a 'mash up' or mix a favorite video/music/etc. file in order to make something new. While it might be considered fair use by most, you might still get a cease and desist from the Viacom, Fox, etc. lawyers even if you are within your rights. And... you never know, Google still might give your login info to Viacom, Fox, etc. even if within your rights due to a request by Viacom, Fox, etc.

As graywolf or someone posted a while back... Why is it that Google itself gets to cache whatever they want? It looks like at least in Belgium, as long as they agree to take down the info within a certain amount of time they will be free to keep cashing away. Where as individual posters to a service like Google are going to get slammed for a similar, smaller scale practice... why can't they just get a warning and take down the post from their account within x many days? We live in a weird world with these safe harbour laws.

The Dream Team

I would love to know the size of Google's legal department.

>>>"I would love to know the

>>>"I would love to know the size of Google's legal department."

I'll bet their legal dept. grows in size almost daily.

Not least to replace the

Not least to replace the original goons who figured copyright for print media didn't exist, and that prior trademarks for Gmail in Europe didn't matter.

It may be that the legal

It may be that the legal department is not the issue, but their PR dept. As more people outside this industry realize that Google HAS that information, there may be more discussion about privacy concerns. People don't generally like to think that their online activities can be tracked back to them.

There's a few more reasons to think this will be an issue, noted here:

When you rat out your

When you rat out your accomplices you are a:


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