'Yahoo Shamelessly Rips Off Digg and Brags About It'


This is great stuff! This is currently on the main page of Digg

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Looking at that screen shot I gotta agree with the Diggers on this one... Yahoo did rip off Digg.

Is that Yahoo's idea of 'Web 2.0' :)


Float Vote

It's been around since the BBS days. (well before then, but keeping it in context...) The thumbs are a bit over the top.

and the massive attack from

and the massive attack from diggers shows what digg is all about.

wow it really is digg

this is really funny. all of the posts are references to how yahoo used the digg format, and true to dig the comments are quite vulgar and have massive amount of votes. These digg fans have taken over the boards and seem to own yahoo suggestions at the moment.

Trial by digg users is swift, public and surprisingly cohesive.


I wonder if they would even

I wonder if they would even notice similarity if Yahoo's theme wouldn't be blue :).

So if yahoo doesn't employ a

So if yahoo doesn't employ a user voting system it shows they are out of touch and too old school to keep up, if they do employ the system they are just ripping off what is already a derivative idea? Yay! for web logic.

Digg Suckz, Yahoo Rulz

This is noting like Digg. Users cannot submit offsite articles or stories, only suggestions and feedback for certain Yahoo channels.

There is no social news sharing. There is no burrying. There is no marketing of the service. It's more of an internal tool than anything.

It's simply for gathering feedback on Yahoo Channels in a social setting.

If anything, Yahoo should be commended for using Digg style voting in a way that is beneficial to the Yahoo support and feedback teams. Now, Yahoo can prioritize feedback more efficiently and if you have 100's of Yahoo users voting on one suggestion, it's probably worth paying attention to.

Agree with Loren

I have to agree with Loren on this one, they stole the look, but the functionality is being used for an entirely different reason. Digg should take the compliment and soak up the exposure.

IMO Yahoo! is testing

Digg like platform testing maybe. With some modifications it could become their own "Digg". Isn't Lycos or AOL doing a Digg like thing also?
If anything it shows how easy Digg can be simulated. Maybe Digg should take the first reasonable offer.

And to think I was worried about not having entertainment...

These digg users are amusing as hell. It's like a car accident... I just can't stop reading their comments!

It must have been digg

Funny, I thought voting systems have been around since before CompuServ. Next thing you know, the urban dictionary will be under attack, and amazon, and cnet, and every other site that allows you to submit an up or a down vote.

Maybe they are on to something. Kevin Rose can sue Diebold and put an end to the stream of slashdot stories about broken electronic voting systems.

Digg didnt invent

I think Yahoo should go for it, copying Digg is it really?, digg didnt invent user interaction to say something was popular, unless you want to judge Yahoo on fonts, CSS and buttons

Yahoo has always been good at portal content so its no surprise, pity about there results as being No 1 on Y means nothing

Yahoo could be many things if they had a plan


Wow, total bite of user interface, design and almost identical functionality. Way to go! Now Yahoo has invented the wheel again for us to play with.

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