New SEO Fashion Line Launched - "The Lisa"


It used to be that when your Shoemoney and BOTW shirt got dirty, you had to wear a "normal" shirt for the 3rd day of PubCon. No longer, as Michael Gray has launched a highly-anticipated new fashion line.

It is called The Lisa and all items are currently for sale on at low-low prices. The idea for the line was conceived to capitalize on the cult-of-personality Ms. Barone has developed in her tenure as a blogger at Bruce Clay Inc.

Public reaction has been mainly one of surprise that Mr. Gray was able to pull together a lineup of such fit models on short notice.

Get your shirt now!

Rumor has it that if Lisa spots you wearing one at a conference its good for a kiss on the cheek... just a rumor though.


So pimp.

That's all I got ta say about that.


They got nothing on BOTW line of fall fashion.

And NOTHING tops my BOTW shirt from the april 20'th pubcon.

Oh dear... (kinda funny)

(see subject)

wait - there's more!

Don't forget 'the Lisa' - Desktop edition

bwaaa ha ha ha ha

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