Firefox 3 to Support Offline Applications


Read/Write Web posted that the next major version of Firefox will support online applications offline:

Robert O’Callahan from Mozilla, who is based in NZ but drives the rendering engine of Mozilla/FireFox, spoke about how Firefox 3 will deliver support for offline applications. This is significant because you'll be able to use your web apps - like Gmail, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, etc - in the browser even when offline.


Who keeps the data?

Who keeps the data?

wouldn't be too hard

wouldn't be too hard (conceptually speaking) to work out of temps and sync when back online. there are a lot of the pieces out there now.

So are they only going to

So are they only going to pimp for Google apps? (Yeah I know, same old story Google is the only game in town for some of this.)

Fix the title

It's not "offline browsing", it's "offline apps", which is a whole different beast.

Pimp For Google Ads

Too Right ! What do you think they're doing it for a laugh....

Nice one Firefox Thanks for being here now and always.


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