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Cloaking 101 - Questions and Answers
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Im not waiting for somebody else to post this at Threadwatch, so im breaking my ideal of not posting my own threads again!

Fantomasters original post was somewhat buried in an odd thread about 302 redirects. The somewhat legendary industrial strength cloaker, Ralph Tegtmeier of kindly allowed me to quote his post in a new thread at SEW and ask some questions.

Never mind the bollocks, here's a quote to whet your appetite:

On SE's detecting professionally cloaked sites:

detecting cloaking reliably typically requires
quite a bit of manpower. Sure you can pre-filter cloaking indicators
automatically, e. g. by accessing and saving the site first as a search engine
spider and following this visit up via some unknown IP not identified as a
search engine spider. However, simply comparing the content automatically
isn't reliable: there's so many sites out there displaying dynamic content,
it can be real nightmare discerning what is actually legit by the SEs' standards
and what isn't. Moreover, there's browser specific content delivery,
printer-friendly pages, etc. etc.
All this will incur massive overhead in the personnel department and, hence,
will blow up costs. Considering that you'd have to cover billions of pages to
weed out all cloakers, it only stands to reason that the search engines, while
certainly not endorsing the practice, prefer to view cloaked sites as just so
much tolerable white noise in their search results.

So while the risk is indeed real, to all practical purposes it's more of an
academic scenario.

Do yourself a favour, take that damn hat off, whatever color it may be and get on over there and read it, facinating stuff, thanks Ralph!


Excellent stuff.

That’s one of most informative posts I’ve read in along time.

Thank goodness

At last, some level-headed discussion about cloaking. And from one of the masters of the art, too!


Turning into a thread that goes beyond great.


This one, thanks largely to the generosity of Ralph and Dirk from fantomaster has really lifted the lid so to speak, my bet is that there is a lot less confusion out there now and no small amount of seos thinking very hard about ip delivery..

I spoke to doug heil, he's not impressed of course but i think even doug would find it at the least educational. Great stuff..

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