We Did-It to Ourselves!


Did-It's CEO Resigns as Dit It's Vice President of Industry Relations (sic) backpeddles

Did-It.com, you did it to yourselves!


Someone wants to start a Mark Simon Contest?

Of course, that role might not be a retainer position. It might just involve a short consultation of a few weeks or months, in which the SEO firm explains to the client how to express itself to the customer in the best way. Meaning that while SEO might not come to an end, the practice of keeping an SEO firm on retainer just might.

Actually I am not pissed at this guy like I was a Dave... that being said.. I respectfully disagree with him...

In my opinion, SEM as the interface and tools the search engines provide become easier and easier to deal with and it's in the search engine's best intrest to make it easier, I think SEM only firms would be the first to get kicked off retainer.

I am just amazed that they

I am just amazed that they don't think that those us that do both PPC and organic SEO can clearly see the biased overtones here. Maybe they do and just don't care?


The engines haven't killed off SEO, but they're making it a lot less valuable all the time.

Read it a second time, I don't see the backpedaling at all.

Looks like same thing just regurgitating to be less abrasive.

After all, if your site is relevant, they want it to appear in front of the searchers who are looking to find you.

So Oilman, Graywolf and Threadwatch are more relevant in Google about Dave Pasternack than Dave himself, gotcha.

Good to know.

You know the saddest thing

You know the saddest thing about this whole debacle is that in some ways some of the points raised are valid.

Its hard for clients to find good SEO companies. With their current frog based marketing efforts {WTF!] why didn't they pitch it as "With SEO you may need to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, with SEM just one."

Of course

Of course, because SEM is so whistle clean with unpublished quality scores and click fraud running in the double digits... of course all SEM firms are so honest with their flat 150 hour with 20% over spend... with the sole motivation to increase the clients ad spends so they could get a bigger 20%..


I am just venting.. and the thoughts and opinions discussed above are due to current anger.

Poor salesmanship

I think the CEO's leaving because he's realized
a)Did-It's Maestro product doesn't actually exist
b)the founder is more interested in getting his own name out there than the company's valuation rising

Shorebreak, What do you mean


What do you mean with "It's Maestro product doesn't actually exist"?
Do you have more info about that?


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