TechCrunch: Google Might Do Something Tomorrow ... Maybe... Possibly ... Oh Heck We Don't Know


I don't read techcrunch religiously but I do skim the headlines and am usually pretty impressed with the reporting over there but the latest story leaves me feeling a bit cheated Possible Major Google Announcement Tomorrow

We have a well placed but single source rumor that Google may make a major announcement tomorrow, possibly a statement of its “official” strategy around their small business focused products.

Is this the web 2.0 version of getting a secret decoder ring that tells me to "drink more ovalteen"? If you got a scoop then publish it, if you can't then don't tease us all with "we know something you don't know". Linkbait without the content is useless bordering on annoying.




Google Apps


Here it is: Google Apps

>> Linkbait without the

>> Linkbait without the content is useless bordering on annoying.

You still linked to 'em :)

Will there be ADS in the

Will there be ADS in the margins?


Can you pay a FEE to have NO ADS
New! Try Google Apps Premier Edition for free through April 30th, 2007.

This guy nailed it

Comment #2 by freeloader

There may or may not be rain tomorrow. There is a 50-50 chance that there will be traffic on 101 in either the north or southbound direction. My coffee may or may not taste like crap depending on how attentive the hot little barista is tomorrow afternoon. There is a chance that MSFT will be declared dead if this Google announcement does or does not happen. This might be news or it might be nonsense. Please note that we are at Web 2.0 Hype Alert Level “Yahoo Red” - please report any underperforming banner adspace to the nearest authorities.

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