Skype for Linux & Mac Launches

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Cross-platform Compatibility and Extensive Features With Skype
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Good news for me as a Linux guy and also for the Mac crowd today as Skype breaks it's betas out into full versions of the free VoIP software for both platforms. Features include:

  • Skype's Global Directory - the user-built global Skype contacts directory with numerous search options and an easy add-a-contact tool
  • Instant messaging – cross platform messaging ability
  • Conference calling – instantly create a free 5-party conference call
  • Logs – reference or discard call and message history
  • Presence – easily manage availability and view status of contacts
  • Customization – MyPicture image display, ring tones, call alert options
  • File transfer –send and receive files via Skype
  • Mobility – sign in to a Skype account anywhere in the world
  • SkypeOut –pre-pay to call traditional phones around the world, at local rates
  • Multiple Skype accounts on one computer
  • End-to-end encryption for superior privacy

You can grab the downloads here


Now this is important! I f

Now this is important!

I for one am gonna be using this on all our desktops in the office, for remote workers and potentially adding further functionality via the API (once it gets supported on nixes)


But if you check the page above the Register linked to, it's blank - as is the Skype general news section.

Hopefully that technical difficulty is not a sign of things to come. :)

Just don't buy Dell!

Skyoe is great just never try and run it on a Dell laptop. It won't work on the brand newDell Inspiron 8600, I've tried everything and spend hours with Dell support and Skype support. The end result is that Dell say Skype just can't run on their computers and it's Skypes fault. Personally I believe it's Dell that have no f.. clue what they are doing.

Never by damn Dells again!

Added for search engines: Dell sucks, dell sucks, dell sucks, dell sucks dell really sucks, dell sucks big time :) (feel free to add more hehe)

Just a note: Skype works fine on my other computers and even my Ipaq!


What page, and what does the Register have to do with it Brian?

> What page, and what does th

> What page, and what does the Register have to do with it Brian?


displays a blank template for me in Firefox.

Works in IE6 for me, tho'.

The Register also linked to that page - I'd figured their PR dept had filed the release before Skype had got their own up. :)

So I hear dell sucks

did you ever get close to figuring out the issue, mikkel? What makes dells so specially shoddy that skype refuses to work; really, really rubbish soundcard or mic, or some software hook in the dell packages?
I loathe having to work with most dell laptops - certainly those in the entry-to-mid range, they always feel clunky and unresponsive.

And on another note, maybe I'm backwards in coming forwards, but it still seems strange to be talking 'to' my computer; I don't think I'm ready for voice operated media centers and such like yet, if skype creeps me out ;)

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