If SEO is Rocket Science, I'm a Pretzel


Just caught this piece of sheer bullshit, how can there guys take themselves seriously.

The contest pitted my boss, PPC guru and Did-it.com co-founder Dave Pasternack, against certain members of the SEO community. Dave had pointed to some data in a Marketing Sherpa report that suggested that SEO firms were experiencing a growth slowdown, and attributed this to marketers’ realizations that SEO was not rocket science, and in many cases could be handled internally. Up went the SEO community’s dander, and the debate escalated until Threadwatch.org created the contest.

Let’s review the tactics and attempt to divine the acute wizardry behind them. Keep in mind that we are mere mortals, and as such we may only
be able to scratch the surface of the strategy of the SEO Olympians.

Mr Frog then goes on to explain the various tactics used and makes himself sound like a totally uneducated ass clown in the process.

“Parasitic SEO techniques” usually imply the use of a link farm, which consist of multiple pages which lack any useful information but contain tons of hyperlinks. These are considered a form of SEO spam as they do not help searchers find the information that they are looking for, but rather fool the search engines’ ranking algorithms into thinking that a page contains relevant information. What a great technique! Thank you, SEO community, for helping to create an Internet with useful information that is easily accessible to all.

Now I may be wrong on this next one, but please forgive me and try to understand that I work for a humble PPC firm. Registering “exact match domain names” is, I believe, the act of using a domain registration service such as Register.com, and buying a domain name that contains the keywords you want to be found for. In this case, it would be “davepasternack.org, -.biz, -.info, and/or -.net.” This sure makes the moon landing look like child’s play, doesn’t it?


Are Did-it TRYING to create

Are Did-it TRYING to create an "own the top 10" contest?

I think this is called

'Perpetuated Link bait' - produce more link bait by responding to the original link bait with mre link bait material... all PR is good PR etc etc

And, as a brief postscript,

And, as a brief postscript, by restructuring our site and doing a small link-building campaign, we ranked higher than all of the contest entrants, many of whom used more of the tactics described above, except for one. Not bad for a know-nothing PPC firm, eh?

Eh? Not from where I'm looking?

>> Eh? Not from where I'm

>> Eh? Not from where I'm looking?

It was true at the time the contest was "judged". I think Aarons s/shot shows them at #2, and the searches I did on the day showed them there.

Of course, since SEO is a one-time thing, that ranking is static forever now :p

Greg Boser was in

2nd spot. They were 3rd.


what a fool, at least get the definitions right for pete's sake, he could have spent three minutes on google...err i mean...wiki...oh what's the difference, looking the concepts up.

'Perpetuated Link bait' -

'Perpetuated Link bait' - produce more link bait by responding to the original link bait with mre link bait material... all PR is good PR etc etc


Milking the free publicity machine all they can.

and the whining goes on...

When will these guys really give it up? If it isn't on DM News, or on Click Z, its this stupid "frog" on Web Pro News.

I even tried to reach out to Pasternack (if that is the real Dave Pasternack on MyBlogLog - I'm trying to decide if it really is or not), he originally agreed (which is why I'm now questioning the authenticity of the guy on MBL) to answer some questions I'd pose to him, but ... I sent them to him and guess what, he never answered. And hey, I was trying to give the guy a "fair" shot at answering a critic.... what can I say I'm a sucker sometimes.

So either he doesn't know what he's talking about, or its a fraud on MBL? Perhaps that's worthy of it's own post?

No Talent Ass Clown

This guy's logic is about as good as Michael Bolton sings.

Someone needs to kiss that frog... I doubt a prince will show up though.

This guy is preaching 'SEO is not rocket science' and yet his lives in a PPC world where it's a credit card and web interface.

We Give These Guys Too Much Attention

storyspinner asked, "When will these guys really give it up?"

Not until we stop giving them so much press. Really, we should just ignore them altogether. Who cares what they have to say, anyway? There are so many other worthy things to write about than these attention mongers.

Fried Frog Legs

I love this one...

Now that’s clearly something right out of Dr. Werner Von Braun’s Advanced Propulsion handbook!

So whey didn't Dave read that handbook then?

Maybe he would've won instead of sitting there with unfertilized chicken ovum covering his face.

If it was all so easy, why are they able to explain it all after the fact, after they lost their ass trying to do it themselves?

If it's so simple, and they knew all the tricks they are now discussing as if it were child's play, why did they lose?

THAT simple fact seems to be missing in their recap...


BTW, did anyone else notice that fucking coward frog disabled comments on that particular post?

Sure wouldn't want anyone to dispute his 'facts' now would he?

To me it's a sign that those people are truly afraid of living in their glass houses at the moment when we're blocked from throwing even a single stone.

not being funny

but WTF... did-it and Dave Pasternack, have got more free press, links and blog chatter, I mean you could NOT fucking buy the publicity you guys have given them ...

seo is simple .. if you know the fuck what you are doing !! end of

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