Google Priming for Content Buys

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Google: Manager, Strategic Partner Development - Multimedia
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See the job listing posted on craigslist above for what would appear to be a fancy term for "content negotiator".

Google is looking for a Strategic Partner Development individual who can bring their excellent partner/business development experience to assist us in obtaining and negotiating significant and complex relationships in the new area of multimedia search.

This high-visibility role requires someone who will be responsible for identifying, structuring and negotiating licensing relationships with some of Google’s largest and most strategic partners to acquire and monetize a wide range of video and audio content.

These individuals will need to establish and drive very senior level relationships with a range of content companies. In addition, these individuals will be responsible for negotiating and closing contracts. Ideal candidates must be extremely partner-focused, proactive, have a strong media background, be technically savvy, work effectively within a team environment and be comfortable presenting to Google and partner C-level management.

With recent video search (well, kinda..) moves and Yahoo, a much more media oriented company growing at a much faster rate it would come as little surprise to learn that Google would be tying a lot of these incessant beta's up and positioning themselves likewise...

thanks svw