Yahoo to Enter the Blog Hosting Fray

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Yahoo! look as if they're finally entering into the blog hosting fray as they launch - shouldnt be long before we see a major roll out eh?

Here's the Cnet report courtesy of Aaron:

Yahoo Japan launches blog beta

Yahoo Japan, owned mostly by Softbank and partly by Yahoo, on Tuesday launched a test, or "beta," version of Yahoo Japan Blogs, a free service that lets users post blogs and up to 2GB of images, comment on other blogs, and associate their blogs with animated representations of users known as avatars.

"This is a basic community service," said a Yahoo Japan spokesperson who asked not to be named. "Last year there was a blog boom in Japan. Lots of portals have blogs now. So we came in late. But when we start, it will have an impact on a lot of Internet users here."

The launch could have implications for Yahoo users in the United States, too.



Yahoo Blog Service

Yahoo have launched a blog hosting service in Japan. MSN Spaces was first released in Japan and Yahoo admit that they are late into the game.

There is no sign of any moblogging functionality in the service for now. The service has been described as...

Nice find

Aaron finds it per usual... I wish I could drop the day job and play the find news first... lol.

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