Are we all Media?

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When everyone is media, no one is
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Winer has an uncharacteristically interesting post today on reporters, tech, media and blogs - Interesting in that he's managed to write more than a few sentences on a subject but particularly interesting in that it's one of those increasingly rare moments of lucidity shown about the whole blogs vs journalism thing - let me quote you points 2 and 8 of his 9 bullets.

All media is technology and vice versa. The convergence everyone was buzzing about in the early 90s has happened. It's behind us. There is no separation between media and technology.

Basically reporters can only criticize people who will never employ them. That's why their role is shrinking all the time. Wait until Best Buy buys out Engadget. Eventually reporters will only be able to take shots at bloggers, and probably Microsoft (because they seem to put up with it). Don't try criticizing Steve Jobs, or even talking about him until he's ready for you to.

It's an interesting read, and really not that long to so check it out and then air your views - worthy of the benefit of the doubt IMO and im not so inclined to say that on much of what i read on the whole rather over exuberant blog evangelist sites these days...