Yet Another Google BETA - Google Local Goes Live(ish)

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Google Local Moves To Home Page But Stays In Beta
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I know it's not just me becuase i've just read the nice post Danny S made linked above about Googles "BETA Problem" - has just gone live on the homepage, as yet another BETA.

What is it that makes google either unable, or afraid to finish a project?


It's a funny coincidence

It's a funny coincidence (I think) that yesterday I did a review of my own experiences with Google Local on my Blog and I pointed out that there was no mention of the much touted google local on the primary search page.

A few hours later I went to try my "luck" with another search and "local" was now featured on the main search page. I now have an unmanageable messiah complex :)

My experience with Google Local was pretty much horrific with no pertinent data returned despite my best efforts fiddling with the local search interface.

I plan on reviewing all of the companies offering local search that I am aware of and would be interested in any input as to lesser known but good quality local search offerings.

Related Article in SunTimes

Here's a link to a Chicago Sun Times piece, about the long Google beta periods:

Google better bag 'beta' labels and proclaim new products

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