Google Testing Images near AdSense ads.


It looks like Google is testing using images near AdSense ads. Users at DigitalPoint reported they saw AdSense advertisements, which had images in it. As it is said Google officially disallowed images near AdSense Ads in December 2006, so they are breaking their own rules.

Check out:

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Jen spoke about this, or something related to this, last year -


Well, if publishers found

Well, if publishers found they resulted in better clicks, you can understand why Google would want to test it.

The trouble is, while Google messes with the ad formating, it makes it harder to make the ads blend with a site.

That coupled with issues such as price matching and huge publisher volume means that Adsense is increasingly becoming a very poor way to monetise quality sites, but an acceptable way to monetise poor quality content.


Yes, these are the same ones

Yes, these are the same ones that Google was testing previously. You know Google is tracking CTRs for the ad units with these images versus those without, so I am guessing they must have increased CTR if they are bringing them back again.

The CTR definately goes up

The CTR definately goes up with images, what they want to do is make sure that the image is provided by the advertiser and the image used relates to the landing page of the add - they won't let the publisher pick the images as that can't be assured.

Another example of poor

Another example of poor communications from Google to publishers. How much ill-will could have been avoided if, back in December, Google had said:

"We recognize there might be significant value in pairing images with AdSense ads, and we are dedicating R&D funds to learn how AdSense/AdWords partners might optimize this potential opportunity.

In the mean time, since there is concern among advertisers and publishers alike that image pairing be done failry and appropriately, we cannot modify the existing Terms of Use to allow image pairing at this time.... we'll get back to you... thanks for helping to improve AdSense...look forward to bringing you an optimized image pairing feature in the future...blah blah blah."

Seriously. Those upset that others were "violating the rules" would have been eagerly waiting a good system, and those who had innovated the ad pairing or tested it would be talking up the details of their own knowledge of how well it worked, details of how they hope Google does it, etc. All good. Instead we have had almost a year of mostly bad feelings about Google.

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