Shell get Screwed by Incompetent SEO Firm


Shell have found themselves in some rather unfortunate circumstances in the Danish Google results - it appears that an SEO firm called have been somewhat incompetent with their efforts to promote the Danish arm of Shell.

It looks as though they've been doing doorways for Shell by promoting and having it redirect to the real Shell DK page - unfortunately they've somehow managed to META refresh wrongly and now we have this mess:

  • A [url=
    ]search for Shell[/url] now brings up the SEO firm as No.1
  • A search for Search engine optimization now brings up Shell as No.9

Not good news for Shell or the company involved in thier marketing - i debated about even publishing it but it's a major, global company so fair game i reckon...

Looks like a classic case of Google Hijacking gone horribly wrong...


No angle my friend.

I just use: LOL
Just surprised is all.


Truth to tell I didn't even look at the dates before posting my tongue-in-cheek comment. The thread came up in response to a search of mine and upon seeing Mikkels comment about how easy it is to optimize in Denmark... Errr what's YOUR angle friend? I'm anxious to see if I've made this old thing a hot topic again!


Why did you dig this age-old thread up? The last post was more than two years ago. As some would say: Who died and made this into a hot topic?

More to the point: in what way are you involved?

Please explain. Tx in advance and cheers.

Please explain...

Wit, you talking to me?

Nice bump/dig-up.


Please explain.................

Puhlease don't tell...

So there is a lucrative market in "lille Danmark" for savvy SEO companies in nearby Islands?

NFFC, if you are thinking of

NFFC, if you are thinking of the company I think you do I am surprised to see that they managed to fool you too (could be wrong, offcourse - you could be talking about one of my companies LOL). I thought you knew better :)

And to answer the question about Danish SEO, yes, for 99% of all Danish keywords it is very, very easy ... but please, don't tell anyone :)

In fairness

The search engine screwed up too!

Not taking anything away from the cluelessness of the SEO comapny involved though. Strangest thing is that one of the worlds leading SEO companies is based in that little country [the sort of guys you could trust with your life nevermind your web site], why shell didn't go with them instead I have no idea. Maybe they were just too cheap, if so they deserve all they get.

Bad SEO company! About a year

Bad SEO company! About a year or so ago, I came across almost an exact same situation with a large corp - Oracle who hired a less than wonderful seo company who then proceeded to cloak and setup doorway pages for its international sites. Their domains ended up getting temporarily penalized and they dropped the SEO company. The seo company had no idea what they were doing, and couldn't even disguise the fact.

Glad you posted this.


I dont do seo in danish (or any other language right at this minute heh..) but when i've done a little in the past, it's been purely a matter of on-page and a dmoz link or 2 - for a comparable phrase to "shell"...

Nick, let me ask you, as some

Nick, let me ask you, as someone who lives in Denmark. How hard is it to rank for Danish language websites?

I have a feeling, not that hard compared to French, German or English. Also trying to rank in Danish for a term like Shell which isn't exactly a big money term IMO, isn't rocket science.

At least they rank page 1...

...even though they do so for the wrong search terms :-)

Tiny mistake, but a very competent SEO company ?!

" have been somewhat incompetent"

Yeh, they look as if could do with a little advice on their own site too. Probably nameservers screwed, and "" and "se" versions of their site (links at bottom of their front page) are dead

And the dot com version of their own site has some dodgy same colour links to clients sites

Oh boy...

Check out search for internet marketing - showing no.2 again with the seo companies title and description...

Shell just reported profits o

Shell just reported profits of £9.3bn and then they get stiffed by a dodgy SEO firm!

Considering Shell are now the

Considering Shell are now the most succesful British company , earning profits of £1m per hour do you think they should tap the brains here?

Petrol for advice is a possibility

its a meta-refresh

The redirect is being done via meta-refresh...

I guess they were hoping that the links on the page would be crawled while Google would drop the index.

Here is a typical link: