Whilst in Seattle...


...at Danny's conference.

I'm going to visit here: Greenwood Space Travel Supply.



longdesc="robot parts, zero-g toiletries, new and used warp and ionic drives, gravitational equalizers, replacement quarks, bulk antigravity, dark matter, and subatomic particles, protective headgear, certified glem, hand-activated gravity detectors, environmental protection, spare air, peace treaties, identification papers, and other legal documentation for intergalactice exploration, time-travel accounterments for FTL transit, batteries, access through other dimensions by appointment, carbonite defrosting through our trusted partners, biological assays for most species, We also have towels"

to convince them....

...to add more than one page to their site? :)

Todd: Whilst in Brooklyn

you hang around NYC, right? Here's a sister store:

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

that place in brooklyn is

that place in brooklyn is good but they dont carry the acme line of products

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