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Brett Tabke's WebmasterWorld.com takes an almighty beating over at the digitalpoint forums. Im well aware that for many webmasters this forum has "seen better days" - Indeed we've discussed it over at SEW recently where veterans such as MrMackin and littleman have talked about the decline of wmw but this really is virtual kick in the teeth.

Some interesting quotes:

John Scott of BlueFind

I stayed there for a day before moving on. Horrible interface and chokingly strict guidelines!


I dodge WMW on principle. I considered joining, but the strictness of the guidelines and harshness of posts and members there is too constricting. I also think that many of the BEST SEO workers out there can be found posting in other places - SEOChat, Digitalpoint & Searchengineworld.

Shawn - DP's owner

I'm banned there

I know some wonderful folks over there, and some of them i miss dearly, whereas im not sure if im banned, my posting was turned off after I got so frustrated with being edited and generally treated like a piece of shit i told Tabke to go f**k himself publically.

It's sad, there was a time you couldnt get a word out of me on any subject web related without a mention of wmw...



Sorry, made a mistake in the earlier version of this story. NFFC was NOT involved in the discussion of the decline of wmw. I did it from memory without verifying. Bad Nick W! Bad!

funny how things change

I was a moderator over there for (afaik) longer than you, Nick - banned me too.

Funny though, imho, how since I've been banned, I've learned far more about the "inner workings" and what really goes on -> then ever was posted in the back room.

I'll leave it to the viewers imagination, but as a rule, even if I could post - no f#cking way :)

Finished with the politics

I spend my time at another board these days.

If there are 4 posts in the Mod area in a week, it's a big week.


i made the mistake of subscribing once. one cannot turn off automatic resubscription without losing your access. when he rebilled me, i objected. refund was offered but minus $15 paypal fee. it turns out that paypal does not charge for the merchant for full refunds executed.

i shared this information with brett and he told me to fly a kite. when i posted on the subject at WMW, i was banned from posting (he keeps your USERID alive unless you flush your WMW cookie to keep a tighter handle on those banned.

i also got my full refund, albeit accompanied by a personal note from brett tabke full of ad hominem and obscene abuse.

even a threat or two.

stay away, stay far away from WMW.

in any case, better information is available on some of the forums named above as well as a personal favorite, www.cre8asiteforums.com.

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