shuts down its website in a panic

5 comments, one of the oldest Myspace bot developers, sent out an email earlier today telling resellers to cease promoting its bots via myspace and 5 hours later sends a follow up letter that simply says: "We are unplugging the site due to the recent myspace news and communications."


MySpace communications =

MySpace communications = "Hi, I'm a lawyer from Fox. We're gonna sue you even though you're not doing anything illegal, but it'll cost you so much to fight us you might as well give in anyway. If you don't believe us, look at the RIAA".

I don't know for sure, but I

I don't know for sure, but I think this was tied into what was being discussed at wmw here... this guy has been churning and burning for a long time over there, and besides the ethical/moral/social side-notes, it is really a great example of how a black hat can harness the chaos we call myspace. He obviously wasn't using the off the shelf version of friendadder, which is java based and limited/licensed to one email account, but imo, somehow these two events are tied together... maybe it's just myspace finally getting serious about the automators, which have been a serious threat to them for a year now, and are going after the head of the serpent, rather than just cleaning up after it... but to panic and yank the site something very serious happened for sure.

I can't say I feel bad for the guy at all though... I liked his product enough to sign up as a reseller myself and then recommended it to a friend /spammer and he purposely wanted to use my aff link to buy his bot. The sale went through but I didnt get credit for it, so I wrote the guy and said, so and so bought your software using my link, here is his account info and a letter from him saying he used my link, and yet you didnt record the sale as mine. He responded blaming it on his order system and that if the user doesnt do [insert something ridiculous] after they place the order and it goes through, then it doesn't record the sale to the affiliate and just gives it to him. That's it. No, "I'm so sorry, we are working on this, please let me compensate you for the sale you just obviously sent me, as a token of good faith, so that you send me more sales." Nothing. I don't mind spammers. I mind thieves, hackers and liars. So I hope karma gets him back for all the affiliates he screwed because if another SEO uses your aff link, TRYING to give you credit, and it doesnt go through, you KNOW normal surfers are bound to fall through such a gaping and intentionally placed crack. So I hope Fox lights him up.

...but getting back on task, I think this is important because it shows, like anything else, they are going to pick the worst case scenarios to deal with, and unlike other engines, since everything on myspace is *owned* by myspace, they dont just ban you, they sue you. And if you read the tos, its something like $50/email sent, etc. and you agree to it by signing up. Yeah, I'm afraid they finally are at the point that they are going to batten down the hatches, because they have been taking on water for some time.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong

I'm also an affliate of, or was. But I'm a real affiliate, not someone trying to get a discount on products. Sadly, its over.

1. The Friend Adder bot had nothing to do with the phishing scheme you mentioned above. The bot did exactly what it said it would do, send friend requests, send messages and comments automatically. I used the bot as well as promoted it. Not sure how you tried to tie the two together, but not even close. Google is your friend, you can read all about the pressure Myspace has been putting on ALL the bot makers, as well as the affiliates. I know, I got the same threatening emails from the MySpace abuse department. Badder Adder, Friend Fetch, etc. All the big bot makers have closed up shop.

2. So you tried to scam a FriendAdder bot discount for your buddy and it didn't work? It states right in the affiliate agreement you cant use your account to get friends, family or even yourself a discount on the bot. How does that make the owner a thief and you a victim?

3. I had credits for hundreds of sales, was paid every month, and never fell in the 'crack' you speak of. Too bad, so sad, its over.

Tom wrote about comment spam

Tom wrote about comment spam on the 25th:

"I know a lot of you are seeing spam comments on your page.[...] The super nasty ones block your other comments. They also may not be easy to delete. [...] just fyi, we are in the process of taking legal action against the losers behind this comment spam. bad news is that's going to take awhile because courts are slow, good news is we won some recent cases which is going to make it easy to punish the beejesus out of them. also, we're working on a filter that will stop it from happening altogether.. that should be done in a few days."

>1.) you may be totally


you may be totally right, but if you read my post you will see I said "imo, somehow these two events are tied together... maybe it's just myspace finally getting serious about the automators"

>2.) and 3.)
unlike many people you meet, I have made 100% of my money since 97 on commission sales.... not selling clicks, not selling advice, but walking the walk, day in day out, and his program admittedly depended upon the user going back to his site *after* they completed the payment process. He admitted that it wasn't waterproof and that he was going to do something at some point in the future... but I can tell you this with 100% certainty: if the buyer actually came through your link, used his card to purchase the script, and completed the transaction (meaning they get the script and he got the money) the affiliate was NOT paid UNLESS after the transaction he chose to follow the link to go back to his site. End of story. And I didnt sign up to sell one script to a buddy... I dont give a shit what his tos say, if I am going to push something hard and make him thousands then I need to be confident that there isn't some big gaping hole in the system.

...And speaking of 'gaping holes', maybe you ought to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom because if you did half of what you said, I'm afraid the rubber might just fall out on the floor when you are walking around, because you, my friend, made him more sales than you got credit for:) Thats why paypal processing sucks for affiliates... because the surfer has to opt to go back to the site to complete the loop.... and a large percentage just close the browser, after they get the thank you page....

so tell me again how wrong I am...

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