No More Inktomi In Your Logs

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From the Y! Search blog - Yahoo! Search Crawler, Slurp, is moving

Anyone who has seen their web server logs, has seen the Yahoo! crawler come by and leave its mark. It identifies itself as 'Yahoo! Slurp' and its domain is For those of you who follow the search space, you can easily guess that this is one of the last historic remnants from our acquisition of Inktomi a few years ago. Well, the crawler finally decided to move and find a new home. We are moving our crawler from to

Old codgers - with your BOW stories, your inafamous blacklist stories - form a queue and shed a tear here.


aah memories

aah memories

I remember the days when Slurp was controlled by Inktomi Corp which in case anyone new to seo/sem didn't know was pronounced "INK-tuh-me" named after the Lakota Indian legend about a crafty spider that defeats larger enemies with cunning

Inktomi lost most of its customer base due to the financial collapse of the service providers and was aquired by yahoo in 2002

RIP great spiders of the past
Slurp - inktomi
t rex - lycos
scooter - altavista

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