WebmasterWorld Sells Out and Runs AdSense Ads


See them for yourself on WebmasterWorld and the discussion thread about this new twist.

I'm assuming it's April 1st related.


I've no time for this

too busy getting signed up for free wifi from Google.

It's Matt's site that's the interesting one ??

Must be a joke - terrible

Must be a joke - terrible use of formating, plus wouldn't private sponsorship offer better revenues?


Since when did webmaster world have any style? :)

the real deal

From a comment on the WMW thread:

Maybe it's testing the AdSense waters cleverly concealed within an April Fool's prank.

Spot on!


It's exactly how I'd test the waters with AdSense on a community site if I knew it was going to be controversial.

Smart people took advantage

All sorts of site targeted ads on WMW today.

Kudos to people smart enough see opportunity knocking.

He's now posting all revenue

He's now posting all revenue goes to charity, say hello to worthless clicks...


I hate webmastersworld since they deleted all my self-promoing links! Never been back since...


Brett just wanted to see how long it would take Aaron to succumb to site targeting :)

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