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Google Pictures Better Search Results
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Lots of blog posts around on this but i really can't be arsed to link to them all so we'll have the nice folks at BetaNews provide a snippet :)

Today, Google announced that its image search property's index has swelled to over 1.1 billion pictures from sources worldwide. Before long, the images themselves will be displayed against the traditional backdrop of aggregated search results contributing what Google refers to as "Image Results."

Once Images Results are integrated into Google's main Web search, queries such as "sun sets" will invoke thumbnail images that are linked directly to the image library. Thumbnails will be placed prominently on top of search results

Im not keen on this at all at first thought, but im willing to give it a little time before damning it to an ever growing list of things that annoy me... (top of that list right now is the fact that i cant find any queries that produce bloody images..)


Search for Eliza

Search for Eliza

as long as i can turn it off

i wonder if some google employee is using his 20% time to design a customizable/personalized Google... that would be kinda cool.

also, i guess i have to see it to really know how obtrusive it is. knowing Google it should fit ok. (although the number of ads on some SERPs now is kinda high, imho.)


I hope there will be a way to turn it off.

Google Blog

are now mentioning it

In fact, we're so excited about the quality and comprehensiveness of our updated image index, we've even begun sprinkling a few images into the regular search results for certain search terms. If you do a Google web search for, say, sunsets, Mount St. Helens, or other queries for which our algorithms think pictures might be relevant results, you may see a few pictures at the top of your search results page, along with a link to complete image search results for that query.

If it's based on the search

you'd think queries that included words like "pictures" or "images" would bring it up, but they don't.

Why do they believe an image

Why do they believe an image is a more relevant search result than a web page? That makes absolutely no sense at all. *shakes head* Looks like it is time for me to make some images for my affiliate sites.

[quote]you'd think queries th

you'd think queries that included words like "pictures" or "images" would bring it up, but they don't.

Seems stupid I agree, but in this case that means they would be trying to show you "Pictures of [search term] pictures" which obviously isn't going work exactly (Yes, it does work on the image search, I know)

Anyways, just another great way to push down search results, yay. For searches where images arise it's now prudent to optimize for the image search too.

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