A New Algo From Ask, Coming Soon


From SEL - Goodbye Teoma Algorithm, Hello Edison, Says Ask.com

Again some bold talk:

Jim Lanzone, CEO of Ask.com, has confirmed with me that Ask.com is working on Edison. Edison is the code name behind merging of Ask.com's two different search technologies they own, Teoma and Direct Hit.

Apostolos Gerasoulis is very excited about this new algorithm and he told me he feels this will be the most powerful algorithm in search.

Here's hoping that the most powerful algorithm in search gets some eyeballs one day.


Wording, how important are

Wording, how important are thee. After all, even in context, powerful doesn't necessarily mean 'accurate' or 'best'.

Just a bunch of engineers

Just a bunch of engineers spending Barry Diller's money on a good time.

Still a problem

There are three major aspects to building a search engine.

1) It must load fast, with no crap on their main page, excessive javascripting or just overall code bloat.

2) the algo must be top notch delivering relevant results.

3) The site must be marketed correctly, this is the missing part.. ask isn't Google.. and I don't think they have the marketing muscle to pull something like this off. Not because I don't like Ask, but Ask should be bought by a company with more resources. I am not talking TV ads.. because MSN is plastered on every TV show I see.. as well as ASK dumping money on TV ads..

I am talking the key to getting people to use ASK is to get people like Threadwatch users on it.. the early adopters...

I would switch in a heartbeat if I felt that Ask would generate better results for me... when I use it.. I might drop a note in a few forums or blogs about it's new algo .. the people that visit those forums would drop another note somewhere else... Social Media is the way to do it for this type of products.. a search engine... not TV ads.


I agree with The Founder. You can't create a great (or even good) search engine with TV commercials.

ASK still has a long way to go before it can compete head to head with the big G, in my opinion.

TEOMA was good a few years ago, but trying to 'merge' two different search algos into one good one may turn out to be a lot tougher than ASK thought.

BTW - Showing related keywords for the search is not new, it's been done before.

I agree with your agreement...

They need to signup for that program where Yahoo allows their search results to be driven under the Y! hood for a year or so...

"...You can't create a great (or even good) search engine with TV commercials.

ASK still has a long way to go before it can compete head to head with the big G, in my opinion."
- lots0

Better Poised as a Niche Search Engine?

With 5.4% of the market share, it seems silly to think that Ask.com will be a major player. They had some steam back in the day, but it's dwindled so much that you have to wonder what they're capable of.

Through all of the information I've read on this topic, I found the comment of it being geared more towards a “more social search service” to be the most enlightening.

Ask.com, assuming it can effectively pioneer a quality social search product, may be matched well to the major players in the social marketing arena. Heck, a small deal with a MySpace (I know GOOG is already locked in) or DiGG could lead to strong revenue for the company.

Laughable hype to move the stock o' meter.

Yeah, we all believe your hype and promises going on now for, ooooooh the past half decade or so. This is nothing more than laughable hype to move the stock o' meter.

Talk is cheap. Show us something!

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