Google Copies StumbleUpon Recommendation : Stumbling Dice

Google missed out on StumbleUpon, possibly losing SU to eBay, so they launched their own "Queryless Search" version, Google 'Dice', which suggests up to 50 sites a day based upon user search history.

After initial tests the recommendations seem relevant, but the lose of a social network leaves a huge gap in the Google version.


The search history change

is also to facilitate this feature. My searches are pretty broad, but the die give me lots of seo things which I ironically seldom search for, but do visit the pages of and have various feeds in Google Reader.

Aside from that I have a lot of sites through the die that must be there because of local and "London" searches, but they are too broad (Selfridge's, Evening Standard, street map) to be useful or interesting as yet.

I think the fact that Stumbleupon actually has some traffic

means that Google wants to get in on the act.

I am surprised that Google didn't pick up on Stumbleupons USP a lot earlier.

'Boredom' is a grat motivator to action for many people, though I'd guess that not many PhD's ever get bored because of their ability to pursue subjects that interest them to the exclusion of everything else.

Google Humans

Google has been adding some new "personalization" features to the custom home page (IG) - seems like they may be getting oh so close to crossing into building a social network of sorts. Anyone see big G getting into that game?