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Free Press Release Websites
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Not only a nice list, but some resonable discussion on optimizing press releases, pros and cons and members personal experiences.


Nitty Gritty on Submitting to PRWeb

As a related topic, check out this thread over at High Rankings detailing the nitty gritty of using PRWeb.

Nice find

This is exactly where a lot of my effort is going at the moment, getting those press releases out there is an absolute msut these days.


Yep, i'll be using PR web and whatever else I can find when is ready for release. If you come up with anything new, please post it!


A Few More Free Press Release places

You can also submit your press release for free through:

I love


I would double check most of these suggestions for "mentions" across the forums...


what who where?


Press release places


From my experience, & appear to be the same owners/company. I found their site quite busy and confusing.

Your third mention ( should have been your first one! We tried their $25 contribution as a sample and we found some great exposure. They also have a great easy to use layout!

Hi Lesley

Hey Lesley, welcome to Threadwatch ;-)

Thanks for the info on that PR site, do check your pm box (top left) in a couple of mins...


Press release update

Just from my own experience, we have used a new program (we were a little skeptical at first, with the cost), that a site has called their Mass Media Distribution program. I think they may be affiliated some how with PR Newswire. Anyway, the point being, I performed a search on our headlines and found our news release really did hit alot of places. Some of them with page rank, some without. They also sent us an email shortly after the release went out to links to about 10 major sites including CBS Marketwatch, Yahoo and others.

I don't know how long the links hang around afterwards, but we appeared to get some decent interest and traffic and in fact had an interview from a small paper in Nevada!

I guess it really depends who your release goes through, but my own personal experience is it worked well and I would do it again.

Or maybe it worked just because I am a girl. :-)


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