Atomz snapped up by Web Side Story

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WebSideStory Announces Agreement to Acquire Atomz
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Atomz, long time mainstay of the cheapo webmaster have just been bought (or will be) by Web Side Story - Shame, bang goes the freebie site search i guess...

Upon completion of the merger, WebSideStory will combine Atomz's hosted site search and web content management applications with WebSideStory's HBX web analytics service to create the industry's first suite of integrated, on-demand digital marketing applications. WebSideStory's Active Marketing Suite will also include a keyword bid management product, scheduled for release this summer. The Active Marketing Suite will offer a single, shared environment in which businesses can more easily optimize their online performance across multiple marketing channels, while greatly reducing their vendor management costs. The Active Marketing Suite will include:

  • HBX Analytics -- An award winning, on-demand web analytics service that helps enterprises measure their online marketing initiatives -- from search engine marketing to banner campaigns -- and improve overall web site return on investment
  • Bid -- An on-demand keyword bid management product that will enable marketers to both manage and measure their pay-per-click keyword campaigns
  • Search -- An on-demand web site search application that empowers marketers to guide and influence site visitors and customers in finding the information and products they need
  • Content Manager -- An on-demand web content management solution that puts the power of creating and updating web content in the hands of marketers

The Active Marketing Suite will have an open architecture accessible through WebSideStory's STREAM APIs (application programming interfaces), which will enable further integration of products, services and data from strategic partners and end users.

Funny, to make double sure i had the right url i did a search for "web side story" and got Omniture as the primium listing hahah..

thanks tara