In-Video Ads Coming to YouTube by Summer


Yesterday at AdTech, YouTube's head of advertising Suzie Reider announced that ads are coming to YouTube this summer and that they are experimenting with the precise length, form, and placement of those ads.

“We’re looking at executions like a very quick little intro preceding a video, then the video, then a commercial execution on the backside of the content,” Ms. Reider said.

She also said that ad formats could vary for different types of videos and content providers and that there would be a gradual rollout of ads with many adjustments.

Asked how long it will take for YouTube to generate major revenues―in the billions―to rival television and other media, Ms. Reider, “It'll take us three or four years, because none of us working in this area want to recreate the TV model. We’re not looking for 30-second commercial spots.”

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contextual video

Maybe we'll finally see real contextual video on Youtube?

I keep hearing about the Youtube killer that the

I keep hearing about the Youtube killer that the networks and such are putting together. Where is it? Perhaps Google will just save them the trouble and host the content on Youtube?

Wasn't the point of Youtube originally a kind of "hot or not"-ish video post clone? And was it not a pretty non-commercial site?

I wonder if we're going to hear a lot of backlash and "advertising-tube" quotes in the paper, blogs, etc.

Also with the Suzie Reider's quote, anyone off to register the domain

I wouldnt be suprised......

Most the people I talk to don't go to many video sites for that very reason. It is such a hassle to have to sit through commercial ads when you're interested in a specific vid.

I agree dora...

The search engines are getting away from search...
The video sites are getting away from videos...

Marketing idea for the bright software developers out there...
"tivo" for the web. skip the annoying "googlemercials".

90% of the time if a video

90% of the time if a video has an commercial, I'll just skip the entire video. On news sites I read if I know they usually include ads in their news clips, I'll skip them and look for the content to read. If they don't have that, I go on to the next story, unless I really must see it. Kind of sad, because many times I'd like to watch the video but the commercials kill it for me.

I wonder how many people are the same and how well video ads are going to work.

What about the BlendTec guy?

What about the BlendTec guy? I wonder how many $400 blenders (plus accessories) he has sold?

Commercials are everywhere.

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