Affiliates get Rough Ride - AM's could be Prosecuted

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Shady Web of Affiliate Marketing
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Wired are giving affiliates a bit of a rough ride today:

Affiliate marketing, a system in which a business pays a commission to those who drive paying purchasers to its website, is responsible for much of the spam that clogs inboxes, search results contaminated with useless pages selling ring tones, and a never-ending barrage of pings and fake TrackBacks that have driven many bloggers to shut down comments on their sites.

and they go on to mention that CAN-SPAM can be used to prosecute AM's who allow affilates to UCE for customers

Not all programs police their affiliates so closely, though recent antispam lawsuits and enforcement actions may inspire companies that take a wink-and-nudge approach to affiliates to take a closer look. The worst offenders could find themselves on the wrong end of legal action being taken by AOL, EarthLink and the Federal Trade Commission.

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 makes a company liable for junk e-mail sent on its behalf if it should have known of the spam or it took no reasonable action to police its affiliates.

The CAN-SPAM stuff is not new news of course but it's always interesting to see how the more mainstream media views both affilates and seo's.

The question is, in the media's eyes, who are the worst scum, afiiliates or SEO's?


Does this mean we get to see

Microsoft and the major software companies getting prosecuted for all the 'Buy this package at just $2.99' spam.


"Though the system has become much abused, some affiliate marketing is legitimate."

Most affiliate marketing is legitimate. imho

same ol same ol

it mentions blogs briefly the spirals down into the usual email spam drivel - hardly a cutting edge article

Why is "Affiliate" a bad word but "Distributor" a good word?

Affiliates help bring buyers and suppliers together, just like distributors. We are just the new generation of distributors. It used to be necessary to have a physical storefront in order to deliver buyers to a manufacturer, now with technology there are different ways. Some marketing ways may not be liked i.e. email spam, but there are many legitimate ways. If this was so terrible people would not buy this way and our commission checks would not be so large. I've said my bit, they can continue to complain as my checks keep rolling in.

where is the link

is this wired article online ? what is th url ?

Sure is

It's linked in the blue field next to "Thread Link" but you can catch it here too :)

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