The Role of Trust and Conversation in Copy

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Markets Are Conversations
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DG has a nice post on the general topic of building trust into prospective buyers by taking your cue from the cluetrain and treating markets as conversations.

The premise is simple. The deciding factor for the consumer about to make a purchase is trust. Not price. Not features, not even the venerated benefits. Trust. Trust that the product will perform as advertised, trust that the product will be delivered as promised, trust that the merchant has faith in the product and most importantly, trust that the transaction is mutually beneficial. Price only becomes a factor when we realize the cost of broken trust is greater than we choose to afford. That cost is dependent on the indiviudal consumer. The greater the purchase price, the more trust is required.

which leads on to:

Far too often, website copy isn’t conversation, it is a sales pitch. Which is fine if the product doesn’t require a large amount of trust. But it is only through conversation or experience that people begin to trust. You might think that web copy is decidely one-sided conversation. But, good copy will have you conversing with the author, and with yourself. If the writer anticipates your questions and answers them, you’ll find yourself quietly agreeing. Nodding your head, sometimes, even talking to your monitor. That’s a conversation. If the writer is doing a great job, you’ll be agreeing. The first time you say to yourself, “oh bullshit", the writer has lost your trust, and the sale.

Very nice. I'll add that i like my conversations short and to the point as with DG's post - i just dont have the patience for long winded copy...