Volkswagon Spams Google, Google Gives Them Free Links


Volkswagon was recently caught using an .invisibleContent division to hide text on their home page. Googler Kevin Gough recently commented that he liked the slick design. Nice!


Even big CORP has to cheat...

to win the SE war?!? Dam* and you thought only certain SEOers go for the black hat route. LMAO--why are they still a link from Google => to condone that such technique is acceptable =?

Their server seems to be down--just from one link from Google?

Unbelievable => I can't view the site to see how slick it's =(.

Go vdub!

Go vdub!

edited out

it's been changed and removed so now they have a content free homepage, nice ...

Corp. spam is the best

Corp. spam is the best thing that you can do. Just check the Google rankings and the traffic stats of BMW after they got busted by Matt.

Another great example is Ferrari.de, which just started buying massive links all over the place. I am sure that Ferrari generates a lot of direct sales through these links ;-) .


Because when I am sitting around with 50 grand burning a hole in my pocket the first thing I'd do is sit down and search for, " incentives, deals,owner information, homepage, home, landing, top, home page, home, top, back," in Google. (that's the some of the hidden text they had)

Sure is nice getting called out for being a spammer, then receiving a phone call from Google telling you how to fix it. I'm sure everyone here has had a similar experience. What? no? Must be good to be a German car maker.

A Civil Rights Case?

Ah how post titles keep changing. I suppose the Internet isn't as much "fun" as it used to be.

Anyway I blogged on this yesterday, noting how VW's actions were in line with accessibility efforts accommodating screen readers for people with impaired vision. Why is VW called a spammer for that?

The bigger story as it effects the web is now Why Did They Pull It Down?. If Google is so powerful that it actually forces web masters to block screen readers, in violation of federal laws and international best practice declarations, there's probably a story in there somewhere. Maybe even a civil rights story ;-)

If you think Google didn't do any "forcing" I will suggest that indirectly, via a lack of transparency and a public campaign of carrot and stick behavior modification, it did. Of course I'd love to hear Google rebut that assertion. Is that a job for Matt Cutts?

accessibility efforts?

Are your serious?

Okay, the first part reads as a sentence, poorly keyword stuffed, but a sentence. I'll give you that.

But you seem to ignore the second part:

homepage, volkswagen, volkswagon, vw.com, home, landing, top, volkswagen.com, home page, home, top, back, VWofAmerica, Volkswagen of America, Volkswagon of America, VWoA, VWofA, volkswagon.com

Yeah, I can really see how that makes the page accessible, misspellings and all. There's nothing in all that invisible text that's related to the main content of the page, no links to other information, simply an, ahem, "accessible" dead end.

Okay, Jim, let's see what

Okay, Jim, let's see what the "spammers" were trying to rank for:

landing top

Keyword stuffing? Are you serious? I think the point is the imparting of intent. It's wrong.

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