Gizoogle - Bets on how long before they get a C&D?

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So, anyone care to bet how long this little caper will last? - Funny, but short lived i think...


the original and always the best

whenever a client gets you down it's guaranteed to make you smile :)


Ah yes, it's a classic!

Fair Use

Looks like a parody to me. Doubt he has the money to pay lawyers though.

Depends how quickly it spreads...

It shows 1900 hits now for ""

LOL - the Did you mean algo seems to think it's a misspelling, so Google will probably have it taken down within two weeks.

Or they might say it's fine as long as Giz. changes the texts a bit, THEN have them taken down two days later... That seems to be G's current M.O. ;-)

Zippy Still Rules

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Welcome ta Threadwatch . know what im sayin?. Threadwatch is a group B-L-to-tha-izzog, or forum if you prefa, focus'n on Market'n n Related Technolizzles - News n discussion fo` those thiznat ...

Query Gizoogle for Threadwatch

Tickled my fancy :)

Speegle never had a problem - Google Promoted

Not sure if there will be a problem. Speegle never had a problem. In fact GG promoted it on WMW.

And before anyone asks - no it's not my effin voice!


...but that one doesn't really eff up the results, just speaks 'em out loud. Is that your voice BTW?

You obviously haven't heard

If I speak out the results, most people think they're effed up, especially if I have a fag (UK meaning) in my mouth.


...for specifying the UK/US difference there ;) I was confused for a mo...

You're right, given the many G derivates, people could expect this one to be "skewed" as well. But with a GG endorsement - well...

Update 12th March on Gizoogle

His local paper in Red Lion PA reports on the lads progress and..

...the lad's doing well, with over 100,000 visits a day. He has had contact with Google, but so far not the big stick

Before starting Gizoogle, he sent Google a pair of e-mails telling the company about his plans. A couple weeks later, employees of Google told him that while they loved playing on his Web site, he could be in legal trouble if he profited off Google’s popularity.

He doesn't like the idea of paid membership !!!!

And the thought of making this service available through a paid membershizzle was shot down before it was even raised.

But has accepted advertising

he accepted a few advertisements to buffer his expenses because it costs upward of $1,000 a week to host Gizoogle because of its increased popularity.

Claims he is not making a profit, but how can you process 100,000 people a day and not make a thumping great profit

Now it's got more company

I guess they think this will keep them safe from the wrath of G:

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