Bill's Swansong - A Final Pop At Google


He has roughly a year left at MS, and he's again squaring up to Google - Gates to ad execs: Online services my top priority

Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates said Tuesday that he intends to spend his remaining full-time employment with the company primarily focused on developing online and advertising services.
Gates was addressing a crowd of ad executives at Microsoft's annual Strategic Account Summit, an event held in Seattle to showcase the company's online services and their potential appeal for advertisers.
Gates, Microsoft's founder, has said that he will work with the company full-time until mid-2008. In his remaining months, he said that his efforts will be mainly directed toward "search, buyers and sellers. ... That will be my biggest thing."

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Interesting. I wonder who

Interesting. I wonder who they will buy to try to accomplish that. Any guesses?

He better look anywhere but MSN

Those guys tried to hire me 2 years ago.. Their MSN New York office was run like a stock brokerage house.. complete with cold calling and pushy sales tactics.

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