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Right, Google threads generally bore me to tears so I pretty much have been ignoring them as much as possible. Now along comes Michael Martinez with his observations and a hypothesis or two he would like to test with Google and it turns out to be one of the more interesting series of posts I've read in many months, re. Google.

Trusted Content Site - A Web site of long-established reputation in the Google index.

Reputation - The track record of a Web site according to Google's measure.

Child Inheritance - The instant or near-instant ranking success awarded to a child page because of the parent site's credibility as a Trusted Content Site.

Listing Inheritance - The transference of a search ranking from a static page to a dynamic page where the static page includes user-visible language indicating a site has changed location (URL).

What Michael does is put forward his observations in a couple of detailed and cogent posts which are, IMO, far above the usual Google theories found in most forums these days. Some might not be completely new but these observations are well put into words and worth reading.


A great post by Michael and a

A great post by Michael and a lot of what he says I agree with.

An excellent paper on a semi related topic icalled Spam, Damn Spam, and Statistics

A few points within it really stick out for me

The paper speaks about the general data that their study shows that spam sites have rapidly changing content on their pages.

They make mention of the obvious stat that News site would fall foul of a filter that incorporates overall changing and speed of growth.

We attribute this to the
fact that most news sites have fast-changing index pages,
but essentially static articles. Since we measure the average
amount of change of all pages from a particular site, news
sites will not show up prominently.

Trusted sites and child inheritance

I love the way he catagorizes the behind the scenes functions.
Trusted sites and the child inheritance is 100% accurate. I've seen it many times. Very good post!

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Isn't all this just another way of re-characterising a number of features described in papers such as Hilltop and LocalRank?

Brian, some of it is for sure

Brian, some of it is for sure but when it provokes thought and interest it is all good IMO


It is a long but extremely worthwhile read (including seomike's replies). Will have to read it again at a more reasonable hour.

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