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Finding ALL your Links!
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clasione from SEOChat describes a method he uses to find links to his website. Others chime in with their opinions and their own methodology for finding the pages and sites that link to them. A very valuable concept and one that definitely needs a more robust tool to analyze and report.



I almost posted this earlier myself, but at the time it wasnt such a great thread. Im really not to convinced on the "mydomain+com" bit...

But it's turned into a bit of a winner on the whole as lots of others have posted nice techniques and comments on the whole finding backlinks thing..

What's your take on the calsione method?

Do thank him for me, i know you know this guy right randfish?


Actually I don't 'know' him - seen him around SEOChat a lot. Personally the search he's using seems fine, but it's just one player in a big field. You have to cover all your bases. I just wish someone would automate something that could crawl, discover & keep track of the links for you. Maybe I'll do it myself when I have some time & money...

No worries

I usually send a little thankyou if i've not published a thread they started b4 but thought as you were kind enough to submit it and you knew him... but if you dont, ive done it :-)


Just figured I'd pop in and s

Just figured I'd pop in and say Hello!

Thanks for the heads up Nick W

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