Via the DoubleClick purchase.. what if Google could re-brand your site?


I love listening to music via whenever I'm not home, don't have an MP3 player, etc. I'm probably behind on when they first started advertising this way... but just noticed that they're rebranding the Pandora site every few times that I click through to refresh. The adverts appear to be Doubleclick URLs. Is this the future of Google banner ads? Or do you think that this is a pet project/advert only? What if they could re-brand your site like this, would you do it?

Here are a couple of the graphics that they're using to rebrand the music player portion of the site:

(for DaveN and folks outside of the US who are blocked ATM, it is a free internet based radio).



Is the upper left of the layout clickable to the ad destination pages?

Should this be considered a low-key sort of product placement?

I noticed that too

and been wondering what had been happening... too bad it is rare that I actually look at the Pandora site while listening.

I too love Pandora... and if you are in the San Francisco Area Pandora is having an event tonight where they show off some new stuff.

... Well... I should have gotten a screen shot...

I should have gotten a screen shot or performed a bit more testing. Not sure about the clickability of the logo in the upper left corner. The adverts are not appearing at the moment. Just a normal sky scraper advert on the right for sprint. The sky scraper for Honda and Schick basically was the same as you'd see it now. Except it was worked into the back ground on the right. At least on the honda back ground, it has a slightly faded rectangle on it on the right side. It looked very sharp when all put together with Pandora's player.

Pandora rocks bollocks,

Pandora rocks bollocks, frankly. For some reason I can still access it here in Ripon - hell, I ain't complaining! I've stopped listening to it so much recently unfortunately, the filled it full of beatmixes which just sounds awful when the track changes :-(

Re: Is the upper left of the layout clickable to the ad destinat

The link to Pandora is not clickable. In the version that I am currently seeing, only the parts over on the right lead to the ad destination pages.

@Mopatop: I guess it depends on the kind of music that you like as to whether it rocks or not.

I love Yahoo! Music but I now listen to Pandora more because I am not able to program stations based on a particular song or band that I like, like Pandora... and only have music based on that song or band play (not based on my entire base of artists and songs I like).

Now what would put Pandora over the top for me, would be if you were able to only have songs set at a certain tempo play in your station. IE: I love my stations, but when you are at work you don't want to hear slow jams, lol!!!

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