the popular blog :)


"If advertisers get a bad return on their investment, they will stop spending money," said Jeremy Schoemaker, an AdSense expert who runs the popular blog.

I like seeing Threadwatch members mentioned in mainstream media like the New York Post.

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that rocks.

The Shoeman is legendary so I'm suuuprised it took them this long to quote him. He's got charazzzzzmaaa.

Getting mainstream press is groovy.

When my wife's blog got picked up by the NY Times (no prompting on our part) we were pretty stoked. It's a nice feeling to be the 'man standing next to the man, standing next to the man..." so to speak. ;)

Don't forget Skore!

"I don't really remember where this many people reported it at one time," said Chris Winfield, president of Internet search marketing firm 10e20.

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