Microsoft Touch Surface Computers



Saw it on the news...

Wifey and I both thought it was the coolest shit ever.

You toss a credit card on the touch sensor, it read it instantly, or a casino players card, VERY WAY COOL!

Sat a camera, phone or some other portable device on it and it could be instantly read as well, AWESOME!

Apple better dig something out of their bag of marketing tricks as this looked WAY cooler than the iPhone.

As a matter of fact, this looks like the cool shit you see on SciFi shows or 24 or some shit, WICKED COOL!

Ted Talk


Ultimately useful, though I'm wondering what new software we might need.

Someone in that thread at pointed to this:


Have they said how much it's going to cost? I haven't been able to find a cost anywhere.

Re: Price

Gizmodo says $10k.

£5K - £10K

I read at the BBC site in the region of £5K - £10K depending on the spec.

Gizmodo says $10k.

Ouch! hopefully in a few years it will be much lower.

FFWD 6 years

...and look how far they've come in 6 years

Nah...'ll never catch on.



P.S.: these things have grown a lot thinner :-)

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