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T-Mobile bets on 'pocket office'
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The BBC are running a piece on T-Mobiles pocket office. This thing comes close to what im looking for but still doesn't quite make the grade.

It reflects the push by mobile firms for devices that are like mini laptops.

The device has a display that can be swivelled and angled so it can be used like a small computer, or as a conventional clamshell phone.

The Microsoft Mobile phone, with two cameras and a Qwerty keyboard, reflects the design of similar all-in-one models released this year, such as Motorola's MPx.

"One in five European workers are already mobile - meaning they spend significant time travelling and out of the office," Rene Obermann, T-Mobile's chief executive, told a press conference at the 3GSM trade show in Cannes.

Apart from this piece being worthy of a look i wanted to find out what everyone else was either using, thought cool, or would like to have... [including 3G phones of course, of which im also not quite there yet, but maybe...]

So, tell us! And pop in links and pics if you can...


Hmmm ..

Looks good. I had a version 1 SPV for a year and it was pretty pants. Not only is it a bulky phone but it was buggy and fiddly to use, I didnt even need most of what it did even though I thought I would be super organised and efficient using it. Kind of like new years resolutions, was good as an idea but didn't work in practice. I like my phones tiny and my laptops full featured - two seperate devices for foreseeable I reckon.

Virtual Keyboards

I hear what you're saying Chris, if they manage to get these virtual keyboards off the ground though i do love the idea of having serious power and communications in my phone...

Im going to be buying a laptop shortly, but i want a 19" screen - my eyes are bad enough without making it harder buy having tiny little screens to mess with - if the purchase of our new house goes through then ill have an office upstairs and will want to also work in the kitchen :)


Those virtual keyboards look cool but I would want a virtual monitor too - projection *might* work, or maybe one of those foldable LCD screens/electronic paper they keep showing on science shows but you can never buy :O)


I'll wait until they have a virtual screen to go with the virtual keyboard, that would be a fantastic combination.

Untill then I'll stick with this spiral bound note pad it doesn't even come with its own stylus you have to buy those seperately they are known as pens

Not seen them

but when posting this i was thinking that if you could flip off the "cover" to a phone, and it unfolded (maybe one crease in the middle) to a reasonable sized screen it would be damn cool..

I guess that's what you mean right?

I was thinking more of a projected screen..

.. that you could display on a wall, but a reasonable size fold away screen would be just a good.

It really is screen size that has kept me out of the mobile market so far.


Other than to sign my name on various bits of "paper" Ivana occasionally thrusts in front of my keyboard with the ominous incantation of "sign here!" i've not used a pen in (and no exaggeration) years...

Writing xmas cards this year, and putting the obligatory "little message" in, was the first time i'd done more than sign my name since last xmas!

My handwriting was never pretty, it's illegible now...

Years ago I had a pda and nev

Years ago I had a pda and never ever used it for anything worthwhile. Last year I had a P900 in the mistaken belief it would be really useful, and aside from being able to write my text messages with the stylus and a synchronise diary function that almost worked I thought it was clunky and horrible. Now I have a phone sized phone and I can't even be bothered with internet access on it.

If you can't remote control a server from it (and really you can't on a 1" screen) then it isn't worth the hassle. Unfortunately if it doesn't let you sit down when it's in your jeans pocket then it also isn't worth the hassle of carrying it.

I have sort of been thinking about a logitech pen 'cos at least then you can take notes and work on the train without having to get out a laptop or pda. It doesn't solve all the problems but at least it doesn't weigh much.

Cool Services

It's all the cool services that i feel i miss out on as not being part of the 3G phone crowd - like Yahoo Driving Directions as just reported by Gary.

It's not that i drive, or that i live in the US but dammit i wanna play with this stuff! heh..

Forget the laptops go for [ur

Forget the laptops go for Linux on a Psion!

Obscene battery life (well over a full day per charge) and every application you could ever imagine in conjunction with a small and light, whilst still having a sensible QWERTY keyboard.

IMHO, it gets the balance just right.

The downside is it can be damn tricky to get hold of these old venerable machines. Thank god I have a few :)

As to the phone aspects. I much prefer a great phone and a great PDA / Laptop than a combined unit. In time I'll change my mind but until then......

I nearly fell for that same instinct Nick

That "I am missing out on all the cool toys" instinct nearly had me 'buying'* a spot watch - one of those watches you can get news feeds etc on, despite there not being any coverage in the uk to the point where it will not even tell the time!

* I had $150 voucher to spend and the watch happened to be about $150

SPV2 and M1000

I have these two but they are bulky... but not buggy like the old spv



After getting lost around Oxford trying to find the hotel for an SE meet last year, I invested in GPS sat nav for my Nokia 6600:


Very cool indeed, especially with the free speed camera data available on the net.

PDA, Phone and Laptop

Cell Phone - very basic Virgin Mobile prepaid. Most important feature = fliptop so I can do the Captain Kirk answering bit. :) Don't use it much but when you need it it really is nice.

PDA - Palm Zire 71. I thought I might use the camera but I never do. I mainly use it for reading ebooks and some news fetched with Plucker while sitting in a park after my summertime bike rides. I kinda like having a seperate PDA, but if internet access via smartphones got cheap enough I could change my mind. I'm delaying replacing the PDA until I see where the technology is going. Wi-Fi and bluetooth would be nice at a minimum.

Laptop - Mac iBook 14inch. with Wi-Fi. Love it. I can sit in the back yard and surf the Net. Only thing I would do different is I would buy the 12 inch for a bit more portability.

Sidekick 2

Not exactly fantastic for business applications...but for the price to get e-mail, web, messenger, rss feeds ($20 extra per month) it was well worth it. The form factor is 2nd to none as well (awesome keyboard, and still fits reasonably in jean pockets. It's also got a developer network. I'm VERY dissapointed now that the service in my new locale sucks...back to a regular phone.


Simple, basic, nothing-but-text-and-phonecalls cell phone.

I'm a more addicted to the PDA, but I'm not even "up to date" on that, as I just upgraded my old Palm M515 (which I got when my Handspring broke) to a Palm Tungsten|T -- I think that's the 2 year old model (and only then because the M515 broke). hehe

But I use that damn thing for everything... addys & appointments, tracking my bank accounts, storing passwords and access codes, I've got some homebrewing software on it, a BUNCH of games... but no internet access (although I could do if I upgraded my phone to something with bluetooth... probably when this phone breaks, hehe).

And my 12" PowerBook, which I love dearly, but still haven't equipped with anything beyond the built-in ethernet and modem.

Basically, I love my gadgets, but once I get used to something, I hate upgrading.

Treo 650/ Dell D800

I just picked up a Treo 650 a few days ago and I really like it.
I used to have a handspring and separate moto phone. Now I have both in 1 small device.

The wireless internet is a bit expensive and requires a contract, but if you get it, you can use the phone as a high speed wireless modem when connected to your laptop, which is great for road warriors.

I'm getting a bluetooth gps receiver in a few days and it's about the size of a large pack of gum. Along with Tom Tom navigation software, this turns my Treo into a voice speaking nav system, which is really cool. It even has a choice of british accents from what I hear. :)

The only minus is no built in wifi.

My notebook is just like a desktop computer. It has wifi so I use it to talk on Skype.

I still use a b/w cell phone...

...that has a "lid", and my laptop is stuck* to the dinner table... Doctor, I'm I getting old?

Guess it's about time to get an upgrade. Hard to decide though, without any real consensus here.

* partly because of the heat hehe, boy does it try to burn a hole in that...

"What are you carrying?"

Besides a Ruger.25 automatic? (registered, and I'm licensed to carry I might add)....

My cell phone is a freebie Nokia that's worth about $20. B&W. I have zero use for anything else on it besides that it work like a phone. It's only on when I need to make a call. No one has the number. My plan is 30 minutes per month. I use about 5 of those.

I don't like PDAs. They're it-se-bit-se and pretty useless for real work. They're one of those "precious" things that techies manufacture because they can....

Therefore a combo of those items leaves me cold. Of course, if I worked mainstream, I might change my mind. Or not. Then again, it could just be because I'm old. [Hmm. Probably not though - if it was just that, I wouldn't be writing CSS and learning php, javascript, and perl....]

I LOVE my laptop though!

Not much in my pocket.


Hehe, sometimes, but small can be good. I have a very small and unobtrusive mobile, and still get a lot of good use out of my Palm Vx synced to the laptop. I'd be lost without them.

I sometimes think about changing to a phone/palm in one unit, but haven't got past the thinking stage yet.

Anyone using a Blackberry?

All the guys in my building use this :

BlackBerry 7250

Used it conjunction with MS Exchange server, they say it rocks!

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