CNN - Powered by Bias


Threadwatch earlier reported that CNN was using Wordpress, and embracing the world of Web 2.0 user generated content. However...

...CNN now stands accused not simply of censorship, but censorship based on a clear political bias after comments praising Ron Paul were replaced with neutral material sourced elsewhere.



A link to a blog called

right I can see where there coming from


the original comments are posted here:

i don't think it matters how you feel about the other content on these websites--unless you believe that someone hand wrote and faked all those comments?

ron paul isn't a friend of the bohemian grove so he can't be getting all this attention. the media must fix it.

ron paul


any one who thinks that you can run a moderen state with out a central bank is not that far of David Ike teritory.

After the last time that happend Andrew Jackson (who had some bizare phobia about a central bank) some historians of wall st think it caused two resessions.

This might be conroversial I think It's about time the US faced up to the 21st centrury and had some fundamental reform a system designd to favor an mainly rich mans aggraian system doesnt realy work as well as it should for the major power in the world.

persoanly I think the US would have been better served if John Mcain had got the rep nomination instaed of GWB


I had someone tell me once years ago...

That the one person you DO NOT want to vote for, no matter what party they belong too, is the one person that gets most all of the "free" and positive main stream media coverage...

Anyone remember the Presidential Political campaigns of 2004 or 2000?

According to information gathered from several media watch sites like and, G.W. Bush received an average of 8 to 1 in "Free" positive mentions by the major Television Networks over ALL other political opponents combined (Democrat and Republican) during both of those political campaigns.

I think that says a lot about bias in the main stream media.

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