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Experts predict Firefox spyware will show up this year
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One of the main reasons for the Firefox browser's successful seizure of market share from Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the desire to escape the inundation of PC-slowing spyware. However, spyware experts indicate that with its increased popularity, Firefox itself will become a target for spyware creators, who are already poking at the open source browser alternative.

Seems like common sense to me that once a browser has enough users that the spyware folks have to target it to keep their businesses alive?


But because it's open source,

But because it's open source, any attacks against the browser will be countered by a large community of developers. I really doubt the problem of holes being discovered and the creators of the browser refusing to even admit they exist, then sitting on their hands about plugging them will happen with FF.

Let's hope so

In the meantime could still do a lot of harm.

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