Was AskJeeves' Bloglines deal cheaper than rumoured?

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Marketing Shift: Rumors Inflate Bloglines Acquisition Price
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Jason is reporting over at Marketing Shift and WebProNews (same content, choose your poison) that:

Ask Jeeves didn't pay anywhere near the $50 million dollars some speculate they did

and also implying that AJ are good at negotiating acquisition deals that favour them. I have nothing more to say, I'm rather apathetic to the whole shebang, but its arguably an interesting addition to the rumour mill.

Where's my trackback button? Hmpf.


Choose your poison

I must say, i find that particular "feature" over at WPN really, really annoying, jeremy zawodny also reprints his content there...

I'm not sure how much longer that will last...

I should be asking WPN for a slice of their ad income on "my" pages. Any bets on how they'll respond?


Jeremy and Nick,

I see it as mutually beneficial. We get insider content and you get significant exposure at no cost. It's really more than just clicks ... its branding your blog with millions of eBusiness pros who read WebProNews.

Of course, we've only offered this arrangement to a few bloggers who deliver great content.



You should mention that, Rich Ord just emailed me about it i posted about it here

Dont you find the traffic boost a benefit jeremy?

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